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A Gentler Approach To Ending A Marriage

A collaborative divorce may be a more effective and civil approach for those who want to end their marriage. When spouses hire an attorney with experience in collaborative divorce, they can find an easier way to settle their affairs and move on with their lives.

Attorney Mike Toburen at Toburen Law PLC is committed to helping spouses in Western Michigan engage in collaborative divorce. He believes it’s a practical way to pursue a settlement that can satisfy both parties.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is an alternative approach to ending a marriage. Instead of participating in tense and adversarial divorce litigation, spouses can sign a contract that allows them to civilly resolve their disagreements without going to court. During collaborative divorce, spouses meet with their attorneys to negotiate:

  • Child/spousal support
  • Parenting time
  • Property division

Once spouses settle these issues, they present a signed Judgment of Divorce to a Michigan family law court.

If a couple discovers that collaborative divorce doesn’t work for them, there are ways they can terminate their agreement and resolve matters through litigation. While Mike believes that collaborative divorce is a more cordial approach, he understands that it’s not always realistic. In these cases, he can quickly transition from a diplomatic negotiator to a tenacious litigator.

Why Choose Collaborative Divorce Over Litigation?

Collaborative divorce allows couples to resolve complicated divorce issues with dignity and respect. The most destructive component of divorce is conflict. The collaborative process removes much of that conflict by settling disputes out of court.

By removing the stress of litigation, collaborative divorce can help spouses focus on their family’s and children’s best interests.

Divorce is an unfortunate reality for many couples, and litigation can sometimes add fuel to the fire. The collaborative process provides a safe, calm environment for couples looking to end their marriage.

A Michigan Lawyer Deeply Committed To The Process

As a passionate and committed collaborative divorce attorney, Mike Toburen is a member of the following organizations:

Those interested in learning more about collaborative divorce can call Mike at 616-818-1842; he can address any questions or concerns people have.

There’s More Than One Way To Split

Those interested in avoiding court and limiting divorce’s emotional and financial strain have options. Contact Toburen Law PLC for a free consultation today by calling 616-818-1842 or by visiting the firm’s contact page.

Mike takes cases across Western Michigan from his Grand Rapids office, including Kent County and Ottawa County.