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Helping People Put Their Health And Safety In Good Hands

If people become incapacitated by an illness or injury, they want someone who can make consequential health and financial decisions for them. Designating a power of attorney (POA) can ensure people have a trustworthy loved one to handle these matters.

Mike Toburen at Toburen Law PLC can help his clients accurately complete their POA forms. That way, people can focus on picking the right person to care for them in the event of an emergency.

What Is A Power Of Attorney?

A POA allows people to appoint a designated individual to make financial and health care decisions for them if an illness or injury incapacitates them. With a properly drafted POA, people can appoint someone to:

  • Make critical medical decisions.
  • Pay their medical bills on their behalf.
  • Care for their spouse and children while they recover.

Michigan has strict requirements for financial and health care POAs. To learn more about these requirements, speak with Mike and his team today.

Durable Health Care Power Of Attorney For College Kids

Parents who pay for their child’s college tuition, and room and board can still claim their child as a dependent on their taxes. However, if their child gets hurt at college, parents do not have the legal authority to manage their child’s health care decisions. Health care providers have a legal obligation to protect people’s privacy, meaning parents cannot access their child’s medical information or make decisions regarding treatment. However, if the child signs a durable POA waiver, parents can gain access to medical records and make crucial medical decisions when necessary.

The Importance Of Medical Treatment Consent Forms

Parents vacationing or leaving their kids for an extended period may want to consider medical treatment consent. This type of POA allows temporary caretakers to have decision-making powers over medical treatment in case of illness or injury. These documents can be drafted with a beginning and end date. They can also include specific instructions regarding medications, choice of doctor, etc.

What Is A Financial Power Of Attorney?

A financial POA allows people to appoint a representative to make financial decisions on their behalf to protect themselves and their loved ones when they’re incapable of making sound financial decisions. Toburen Law PLC recommends all people consider establishing a financial POA, especially for older vulnerable adults and those facing hospitalization.

What Is A Health Care Power Of Attorney?

For those facing hospitalization, surgery or terminal illness, a health care POA can help people establish their medical rights. It allows them to select a health care agent to represent them. This agent can make decisions on a person’s behalf regarding things like life support and other consequential medical choices.

Attorney Mike Toburen Can Help

Mike has been working with and educating his clients on when and how to get all types of POA documents. Schedule a free initial consultation with him today by completing his contact form or calling him at 616-818-1842.

He takes cases all across Western Michigan from his Grand Rapids office.