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Legal Representation For Western Michigan Parents

One of the most challenging aspects of a divorce involves child custody. Attorney Mike Toburen at Toburen Law PLC can help his clients navigate child custody agreements so that they can keep their children’s best interests in mind. That way, parents can continue giving their kids the love and support they deserve even though they’re no longer together.

What Are Parental Rights?

Generally defined as a parent’s right to assume legal and physical custody over their children, determining these rights after a divorce can help guide parents through the parental custody process. Those can include the right to:

  • Assume physical or legal custody over a child.
  • Visit or contact the child.
  • Make medical decisions for the child.
  • Enter into a contract on behalf of the child.
  • Pass property onto a child through inheritance.

These parental rights don’t only account for parents who were married. Michigan law states that parents have equal rights to their children even if they were never married.

What Are The Different Types Of Custody?

These are some of the most common parents use in child custody agreements:

  • Legal custody: Grants the parent the ability to make legal decisions on behalf of their children.
  • Physical custody: Children live with parents who receive physical custody.
  • Sole custody: This allows one parent legal and physical custody. The other parent may obtain visitation rights. However, they do not have legal and physical custody.
  • Joint legal custody: Both parents can make legal decisions regarding their children. If parents disagree on legality issues, the court can resolve the issue.
  • Joint physical custody: Parents share joint physical custody and children split their time between living with both parents.

Mike couples his years of knowledge and experience with compassion to effectively facilitate child custody cases, ensuring parents can keep their children’s best interests at the forefront.

Work With A Lawyer Who Cares

Mike understands how emotional and taxing child custody matters can be. That’s why he’s so dedicated to helping his clients love and support their kids by advocating for their best interests.

Parents can start their child custody negotiations today by calling 616-818-1842 or completing the firm’s online contact form.

Mike takes cases across Western Michigan from his Grand Rapids office.