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Experienced West Michigan Lawyer With Community Roots

Attorney Mike Toburen at Toburen Law PLC, is committed to helping the people of West Michigan with their legal needs. Mike became a lawyer because he wanted to help others handle the complex and highly emotional problems they face. He believes treating people with compassion and respect while tenaciously advocating for their interests is an effective way to assist them. Whether his clients are going through a divorce, creating or modifying an estate plan, or navigating the challenges of owning a small business, Mike is proud to support them in pursuing their goals.

The Types Of Cases Mike Handles

For those needing assistance with the following, Mike can act as a reliable advisor:

  • Family matters
    • Divorce
    • Spousal/child support
    • Child custody
    • Adoption
  • Mediation
    • Collaborative Divorce
  • Estate planning
    • Power of attorney
    • Probate administration
    • Trusts
    • Wills
  • Small business
    • Small business disputes
    • Small business contracts
    • Small business formation

If people have additional questions about their circumstances, they can schedule a free consultation with Mike by calling 616-818-1842.

Working With Mike

Those with nuanced and complex legal needs can have peace of mind when working with attorney Mike Toburen. He understands that his clients have a lot on their minds and want to feel confident about the decisions they make and the steps they take in pursuit of their goals. Clients often come to their initial consultation with a lot on their mind. Mike ensures they feel heard by listening and asking questions. He ensures he thoroughly understands their situation before offering guidance. Mike knows while two people can endure the same challenge, the path to a successful outcome isn’t paved from the same stone. He can adapt his approach to meet his clients where they’re at and devise a legal strategy that matches their needs, concerns and preferred outcomes.

Mike also understands that clients may think they need an attorney immediately, but that life gets in the way. He always tells his clients not to worry. If they meet initially and he doesn’t hear from them for a few months, he will always address their needs, questions and concerns free of charge when they reach out. Mike and his assistant diligently respond to phone calls and emails within one business day of receiving them.

An Integrity-First Mindset

Mike has a strong track record of success while doing what is right. He always tells his clients the truth about their situation and doesn’t make a promise he can’t keep. Mike is also very intentional about treating all other parties involved in a case fairly and respectfully, including judges, witnesses and the other party’s lawyer. He knows that pursuing goals for his clients means being cordial with those with opposing interests and communicating effectively with them.

Work With A Proven Hometown Attorney – Call Today.

Mike is here for the people of West Michigan when they need legal support. To schedule a free initial consultation, people can call 616-818-1842 or complete his contact form.

Mike and his team take cases in Grand Rapids and across Kent and Ottawa counties.