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Stress Free Divorce Volume 02

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2023 | Firm News

I’m now a published author!

My advice regarding divorce and dealing with ex-spouses that I gave on the Impact Makers Radio program in April was selected to be included in a book that recently became available on Amazon called Stress-Free Divorce Volume 02.

The book was ranked this week in the Kindle Store as #15 for Kindle eBooks in the Law/Family & Health Law/Children section and #41 in the Law/Family Law/Parental & Juvenile section.

I am honored that editor Stewart Andrew Alexander included my comments alongside those given by seasoned divorce professionals from around the country who are experts on a variety of topics that range from how to handle a spouse hiding assets to divorce and prison.

My advice centered largely on common misconceptions and pitfalls that can engulf adults who are contemplating divorce, are in the midst of divorce, or are dealing with an ex-spouse after the final judgement.

To get a summary of my comments, you can look up my two earlier blogs on my interview with Stewart that aired on the “Let’s Talk Divorce!” radio series, Part 1 and Part 2. The entire gist of my interview and lots of other great advice regarding divorce is available through Amazon in the Stress-Free Divorce Volume 02, either as an eBook for $9.99 or paperback for $19.99.

To hear my podcast in its entirety at no cost on iTunes Sharing Link, go here, and to hear it on YouTube, go here.

While it is flattering that my comments would be included with nine other experts in this field, I am also heartened to see that Stewart and his company are making this information readily available to the public at minimal or no cost. Divorce is a significant drain on any individual, both emotionally and financially, and I strongly support any initiatives that help inform the public on how to better navigate these choppy waters.

As I stated in one of my earlier blogs, virtually all of my clients understand that divorce will take a toll on themselves and their children — but few are truly prepared for the scale of the emotional drain caused by divorce. A critical part of my job is to prepare my clients for the reality that divorce is a major life-changing experience that requires them to stop dwelling on the past in order to protect themselves for the future.

The job of keeping on task and emotionally detached gets exponentially harder when children are involved, primarily because the children are almost always the most valued part of the marriage. It’s almost counterintuitive, but that is exactly why the divorcing adults need to refrain from engaging the children in the conflict.

As I said to Stewart: “Children really don’t need to know all or any of the details that are going on between the two parents. Quite honestly, that will work against the parent who does try to drag the children into the middle of the divorce. Children only need to know that, ‘Yes, mom and dad are getting a divorce; mom and dad still love me; and, you as the children are not the cause of this divorce.”

As with any topic, individuals who spend time educating themselves on divorce generally will avoid common mistakes and will better understand the legal nuances. Stress-Free Divorce Volume 02 provides a good overview of the subject in easy-to-understand English to assist individuals who face this trying time in their lives.