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Helping Michiganders Request Post-Divorce Modifications

Even after spouses finalize their divorce, they can still make adjustments to their post-divorce agreement. However, Michigan family courts don’t always approve these requests easily. To receive approval, spouses must demonstrate a meaningful change in their lives that makes adjusting their initial agreements necessary.

When spouses seek to advocate for post-divorce modifications, they can count on lawyer Mike Toburen from Toburen Law PLC. He can offer his clients sound and educated advice on how to position their request in front of a judge and create a compelling and convincing case that helps them pursue their goals.

Why Do People Ask For Post-Divorce Modifications?

People typically request post-divorce modifications when child support or spousal support is involved. For example, a spouse may request a change in the amount of support they pay or receive if:

  • They lose their job or take a substantial pay cut.
  • The other spouse gets a considerable pay raise.
  • Their child starts developing serious health/medical issues.
  • Their child needs extra support in school or extracurriculars.
  • The other spouse remarries or moves in with a new partner.
  • The cost of living where one of them lives increases.
  • They suffer severe illness or injury and cannot provide for themselves.

Depending on their specific circumstances, spouses can get approval for modifications under these scenarios. Spouses can also request child custody and visitation modifications if they believe they have a legitimate reason.

Why Courts Might Deny The Request

It can happen when a judge:

  • Doesn’t see the change in a spouse’s circumstances as substantial.
  • Believes the spouse did not follow modification request rules or procedures.
  • Believes the spouse voluntarily left their job or took a pay cut.
  • They don’t think the request is in the best interests of their children.

If a judge rejects their modification request, spouses can appeal the rejection. Mike can walk them through the appeals process and tell them everything they need to know. Call him at 616-818-1842 to learn more.

Work With An Attorney Who Puts His Clients First

Toburen Law PLC can strategically guide individuals through the post-divorce modification process. Mike collaborates closely with his clients, helping them pinpoint when these modifications are needed and effectively advocate for them in Michigan family court.

Those requesting a post-divorce modification can schedule consultation with Mike today. Call him at 616-818-1842 or email him through his contact page.

He takes cases across Western Michigan, including in Grand Rapids, Kent County and Ottawa County.