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Legal Guidance For Western Michiganders Navigating Divorce

Most people who get married don’t expect things to end. If they do, however, they must have someone in their corner who can guide them through the ups and downs of the divorce process so they can focus on finding joy and meaning in their post-married life.

Lawyer Mike Toburen at Toburen Law PLC strives to work with his clients to resolve issues how they see fit. He is committed to adapting his approach to fit the needs of each of his clients and helping them advocate for their interests during what can be an emotionally turbulent life event.

An Attorney Who Meets His Clients Where They’re At

Even the most civil divorce can present a host of legal hurdles. Those hurdles can include:

  • Property distribution: Determining which assets belong to whom and whether spouses obtained those assets before or during the marriage.
  • Child custody: Determining how parents want to split time with their kids, who the kids will spend the holidays with, and what’s in the children’s best interests.
  • Child support: Determining parents will financially support their kids now that they’re no longer together.
  • Spousal support: Determining how much one spouse will need in monthly payments to maintain their current standard of living.

Mike can help put his clients at ease by giving them knowledgeable, compassionate and educated advice. When he meets with them, he lets them vent. Mike understands that divorce is one of the most emotional challenges people can endure and wants to lend an open ear. Once he gets a solid understanding of his client’s circumstances, needs, concerns, and goals, he takes that information to create a tailored legal strategy that helps his clients start to untangle their marriage in a way that allows them to advocate for the outcomes they want.

Bringing An Adaptable Approach To The Divorce Process

Mike strives to help his clients engage in an amicable divorce when possible. At the same time, he understands that no couple is precisely the same and that an amicable split is not always possible. When that’s the case, Mike is well-versed in Michigan divorce law and will aggressively advocate for his clients and their children in and out of the courtroom.

Work With A Pragmatic And Versatile Divorce Lawyer

The divorce process can feel uncertain at times. However, when people have an attorney on their side who can adapt to the changes as they navigate the ups and downs, they can feel more at ease as they engage in negotiations.

Those wanting to schedule initial consultation with Mike and his team can call 616-818-1842 or complete the firm’s online contact form.

Mike takes cases across Western Michigan. While his office is in Grand Rapids, he accepts clients all across Kent and Ottawa counties.